The Berge & Dale Classic for this year, which was scheduled to take place in Krugersdorp on February 25 and 26, has been cancelled, according to the organisers.

In addition to a mountain bike component at Kings Kloof with distances of 45km and 20km, the event planned to provide a road event at Protearif Primary with distances of 109km and 60km.

Event director Erick Oosthuizen stated, “It is with a heavy heart that Slipstream Events, the organisers of the Berge & Dale, would like to tell all stakeholders of the cancellation of the 23rd edition of the race.”

Traffic officials and the designated safety officers drove the route today during a dry run and ruled out a significant portion of it.

The western half of Johannesburg’s already-deteriorating roads are in such a bad state due to the quantity of rain that has been lashing the Highveld in recent weeks that it’s unsafe for the event to continue.

The entire segment is unusable due to the poor condition of the 60km route that passes the Maropeng Heritage Center. Two significant aspects of the long distance are especially concerning.

There are over 250 potholes on the N14 segment and the R400, which is 10km apart, of which about 100 are notable in terms of their size and depth.

The Berge & Dale would only have one distance as a result of these difficulties, and that distance would need to be significantly altered to pass through the town of Magaliesburg, which is less than ideal, according to Oosthuizen.

“To make matters worse, the Kingskloof route, where the mountain bike race was to be held, also took a beating, with several bridges being washed away and other portions left ruined.”

The repair is more difficult and might be more harmful because further rain is predicted over the next two weeks.

“When preparing the route for an event of this scale, safety is still our top priority,” said Oosthuizen.

“Considering all of this, we just have no practical choice of staging a safe and enjoyable event for everyone,” he continued.

Organisers would like to offer the following choices to entrants who have already registered and paid:

  • Entrants may defer their entries to the ever-popular Satellite Classic later in the year (October 7 & 8), which opens on April 1, 2023.
  • Entrants can defer their entries to the 2024 Berge & Dale early next year – date to be confirmed.
  • Entrants not wishing to defer entries can request a full refund by MyActive. MyActive will be sending pit communication in the next day or two, to assist all paid riders with their cancellation preferences.

“We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience we might have caused. We remain committed to organising safe and challenging events in the future,” said Oosthuizen.