What happens if the event has to be cancelled?

We are working closely with all stakeholders and relevant authorities at present. In the unlikely event that we are required by law to cancel the event due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all entrants will receive a refund.

When do entries close?

Online entries close at 23h59 on 18 February, OR as soon as the 2,000 road race and 500 MTB entry limits have been reached. Note that entry numbers are limited in 2022 for maximum safety and to ensure COVID compliance.

Will late entries be accepted?

Late line entries will only be accepted at the registration venues as indicated (provided that the entry limits have not been reached). No late entries will be facilitated on the day of the race.

  • A late entry penalty fee of R50 will apply.
  • Late entrants will not be seeded, and will start in the non-seeded groups.
  • Substitutions will be allowed, and will carry a R20 admin fee.
I can no longer participate. Can I substitute my entry?
  • No cyclist may use another person’s cycling number.
  • If you are unable to cycle, someone may take your place through means of official substitution, provided that you have supplied a letter of authorization.
  • Your entry fee will not be refunded and the substitute participant will be required to pay a fee of R50 over and above the applicable entry fee.
  • Distance changes will be treated as a substitution.
  • No substitutions will be allowed on race day, regardless of circumstance. If you are unable to race, your entry fee will not be refunded.
Can I enter a tandem team?

Yes! We love tandem riders!

Both tandem riders’ details must be captured upon entry, and both riders must wear RaceTec timing chips on Race Day.

Parking & Traffic

Ample parking will be available at Protearif Primary School. Please follow the signage and instructions from parking marshals.

Cyclists must attach their race numbers to their lower back. They must be in their starting blocks 15 minutes before their starting time to hear all the announcements and information about the route and road conditions. Please read the signs indicating the various starting groups, and stay in the correct starting block.

Water Points: Road Race

There are 6 water points on the 109km route, and three on the 60km route.


  • Water point 1: 19,5km
  • Water point 2: 40km
  • Water point 3: 61,5km
  • Water point 4: 84,2km
  • Water point 5: 98,3km/48km (60km)
  • Water point 6: finish line
Sweep Vehicles: Road Race

We have ample sweep vehicles and buses on route. Please note that riders who can’t continue further will be picked up by these sweeps, BUT WILL NOT BE TAKEN TO THE FINISH LINE IMMEDIATELY. Sweep vehicles will only return to the finish line once they’ve reached capacity. 

Safety: Road Race


Lead and sweet vehicles, as well as a strong contingent from Metro Police will be along the route.

All participants are deemed to have acquainted themselves with the rules and regulations and are bound to them.

Cyclists must obey the instructions of the traffic officers and marshals and comply strictly with the rules of the road at all times, unless authorized to the contrary by a traffic officer or a marshal.

Failure to comply will lead to disqualification.

First Aid & Medical Assistance

Medical assistance will be provided at the start, along the route and at the finish by Dial-a-Medic.

Any cyclist requiring hospital care will be taken to the closest hospital. It is extremely important that every cyclist’s full details (name, medical aid, number, allergies, emergency contact numbers, etc) are correctly completed upon entry.

Participants must have a means of identification, with medical details, on them to ensure that the emergency personnel have all the necessary information available should an ambulance have to pick them up.

Results: Road Race

The provisional results of the event will be available within 24 hours on www.racetec.co.za.

Any objections must be tabled with the race organizer / referee / CSA officials within 1 hour after the finish of the race, and accompanied by a payment of R100.

Further changes to the results must be sent to queries@racetec.co.za no later than 7 days after the race.

NO CHANGES will be made thereafter, as they cannot be included in the National Seeding Index.

Prize Money: Road Race

A total prize purse of over R30,000 can be won. Note the prize category breakdown below.

** There must be at least three participants in a category to award 1st prize. A minimum of 5 participants in a category will be required to award 1st – 3rd prize.

** Cyclists must be licenced to be eligible for prizes in the racing categories.

Prize Giving: For maximum safety and in adherence with COVID protocols, we will have multiple small prize giving sessions by no later than 11am on Saturday. Prize giving will take place as soon as all race categories are finished and results have been signed off by CSA. We request that prize winners are present at prize giving.


109km Elite & U/23 Men : 109km Elite Women: 
1st R3 500 R3 500
2nd R2 500 R2 500
3rd R1 000 R1 000
4th R800 R800
5th R500 R500
109km Hotspot Elite & U/23 Men: 109km Hotspot Elite Women:
1st R750 R750
109km KOM Elite & U/23 Men: 109km KOM Elite Women:
1st R750 R750
109km Junior Men (U/19):
1st R1 000
2nd R500
3rd R300
109km Vet Men 30+:
1st R1 500
2nd R1 000
3rd R500
109km Hotspot Vet Men 30+:
1st R500
109km KOM Vet Men 30+:
1st R500
109km Vet Men 40+:
1st R1 500
2nd R1 000
3rd R500
109km Hotspot Vet Men 40+:
1st R500
109km KOM Vet Men 40+:
1st R500
109km Vet Men 50+:
1st R1 500
2nd R1 000
3rd R500
109km Hotspot Vet Men 50+:
1st R500
109km KOM Vet Men 50+:
1st R500
109km Tandem Men: 109km Tandem Women:
1st R750 x 2 R750 x 2
2nd R400 x 2 R400 x 2
3rd R250 x 2 R250 x 2
109km Tandem Mixed:
1st R750 x 2
2nd R400 x 2
3rd R250 x 2
60km Open Men: 60km Open Women:
1st R250 R250
2nd R150 R150
3rd R100 R100
60km Junior Girls (U/19) :
1st  MCL Voucher + Hamper
2nd  MCL Voucher + Hamper
3rd  MCL Voucher + Hamper
2nd Year Junior Girls may ride with the 109km Elite Ladies on request (contact CSA)
60km U/17 Boys: 60km U/17 Girls :
1st  MCL Voucher + Hamper  MCL Voucher + Hamper
2nd  MCL Voucher + Hamper  MCL Voucher + Hamper
3rd  MCL Voucher + Hamper  MCL Voucher + Hamper
60km U/15 Boys :
1st  MCL Voucher + Hamper
2nd  MCL Voucher + Hamper
3rd  MCL Voucher + Hamper



Will the event go ahead in bad weather?

The event will take place regardless of weather conditions and will only be cancelled for safety reasons, as directed by the relevant authorities.

No refunds will be made if you are unable to participate. 

Race Organiser's Discretion

The race organisers have complete discretion in deciding whether to accept the entry of a participant. The organisers receive the right to refuse the entry of any rider should they so decide. All race results will be in the hands of the race organisers whose decision will be final, there being no right of appeal.

Please contact the organising team on info@slipstreamevents.co.za or 0637181486 if you have any further queries.