Thank you for being a part of the 21 Year Birthday Celebrations for Takealot Berge & Dale. We hope this year’s event will be memorable to you!

Saturday 22 February 2020:  Takealot Berge & Dale from 06h00

Registration dates
Registration will take place on the following days:

Thursday 20 February 2020:
ASG The Store, Olympus Village, Olympus Road Pretoria:  09h00 – 17h00
Friday 21 February 2020:
ASG Pop Up Store, Level 4, Shop 16C Middle Mall Hyde Park Shopping Centre (Near to the Clicks Entrance): 09h00 – 17h00**

** As a pre-entrant you will be receiving FREE PARKING on Friday…. be sure to pick up your race pack personally from Hyde Park Shopping Mall in order to take advantage of some of the great specials & vouchers the shops will be offering entrants. In addition to our one day only 20% discount on all items available in our NEW ASG Sport Hyde Park Store.

Protearif Primary School
For directions to the venue please click the more info button below.

Secure parking will be available at Protearif Primary School as well as at Sterkfontein Hospital.  Make sure you arrive at the venue at least one hour prior to your start time.


The race will start and finish at Protearif Primary School.
Riders must make their way to the starting pens, which is located inside the parking area at the main entrance to the school.

Riders must be in their starting pens at least 20 minutes prior to their start time and adhere to officials’ instructions.

The event starts at 06h00 and all riders will receive text messages with their starting times and batches. Batches and start times are also printed on race numbers which you will receive at registration.

Riders are asked to please look out for each other and merge safely when the short route joins after approx. 47km.
It is vital on all routes that you are very aware that there are no full road closure and road rules apply. Please be aware of vehicles and keep left at all times.

The following cut-off time will be in place on Race Day:
12H30 – km at waterpoint 4 (85km)14h00 – Finish line

 Cyclists who miss the cut-off along the route may not continue with the race.  Sweep vehicles will be in position at the cut-off points to transport cyclists with their bicycles back to the venue.

Waterpoints at 19.5km, 40km, 61.5km, 84.2km, 98.3km and 109km

The following will be available at the respective waterpoints:
WP1 – Drinks only (High5, Coke and Water)
WP2 – Drink plus food
WP3 – Drink only
WP4 – Drink plus food
WP5 – Drinks plus food
WP6/Finish – Drinks only (High5, Coke and Water)

Waterpoints at 19.5km, 48km and 60km 
WP1 – Drinks only (High5, Coke and Water)
WP2 – Drinks plus food
WP2 – Drinks only (High5, Coke and Water)

Prize giving will take place at 11:00 on Saturday, and only once the last racing groups have finished the race and the results have been signed off by CSA.  RaceTec chips are compulsory for all racing groups.  
Prize winners must be present at prize giving. 

No prize money will be handed to winners before the prize giving, regardless of circumstance. You will forfeit the prize money if you are not present at the prize giving.

Best Drive have kindly sponsored some prizes in the Hot Spot competition, for the Various Veteran Mens categories  (41km into the race). 1st place only will be awarded for the VA, VB and VC categories.
Prize winners must be present at prize giving.
No prize money will be handed to winners before the prize giving, regardless of circumstance. You will forfeit the prize money if you are not present at the prize giving.

Road Race:
The provisional results of the event will be available within 24 hours on RaceTec. Link below for info.

We have dedicated Safety, Security and Medical teams both at the venue and on the route. 
Please call the following number in case of any emergencies:  063 718 1486

ASG The Store will provide mechanical support at the start from 5:30 until 07:05 when the last group for the 109km event departs.  We will endeavour to have support at waterpoint 3 again but urge riders to be self-sufficient and ensure that you have spares.  If you need to withdraw from the race due to mechanical issues, there will be a sweep vehicle at the back of the race to collect riders and their bicycles.

No cyclist may use another person’s cycling number.
If you are unable to cycle, someone may take your place with a letter of authorization from you.
Your entry fee will not be refunded and the substitute participant will be required to pay a fee of R60-00 over and above the applicable entry fee.
Distance changes will be treated as a substitution.
No substitutions will be allowed on race day, regardless of circumstance.
Your entry fee will not be refunded.

ASG have an official charity, The Olive Children’s Foundation. If you missed your chance to support a great cause, go to http://olivechildrensfoundation.org/ to find out what amazing work they do!

For further event related information please visit www.bergeendale.co.za
We wish you a safe and enjoyable race this weekend!

The Berge & Dale team